The Oscar Bicycle - The Room Revolves Around Me

Artist: The Oscar Bicycle

Song: The Room Revolves Around Me

Album: VV.AA. - The Rubble Collection, vol. 11-20 – disk 7

Probably the 2nd most famous series of 60s compilations after Pebbles, Rubble brings you technicolor dream UK rarities, with loads of delay-phased-harmony-vox-fuzz-wah-harpsichord smashes. This second box is even more anticipated than the first, because of the tighter focus on soft pop-sike. You'll end up beyond the looking glass in a garden of stained-glass light shafts & fluffy clouds. A fortune's worth of rare singles the sharing of which has spawned hundreds of reissued albums over the years, and an instant cool record collection.

Amongst the first and best psych compilations ever put together, each and every volume is a mind-blowing treasure trove of acid rock and pop from the late 1960s, and comes housed inside a slipcase card replica of the original LP artwork. Featuring famous names such as the Blossom Toes, the Pretty Things and the Soft Machine alongside a myriad of lesser-known acts like The Purple Barrier, the Pregnant Insomnia and Cherry Smash, and compiled and sequenced by leading collectors, the series has long been a byword for the best in psychedelia. It’s presented here complete with a booklet, featuring updated band histories, rare photographs and full discographies, making this the most compre-hensive and authoritative psych boxed set ever assembled.

Our story has its beginning in the heady days of the early 1960’s, a time of massive change and innovation in the world of popular music. Fuelled by the excitement and electricity surrounding the new sounds of the time four young men from Bristol began an epic journey which so far has lasted for over forty years and still shows no sign of faltering. The beginnings were to involve two local bands, the Diatones, and Danny Clarke and the Jaguars. In early 1964 three of the Diatones, Adrian Castillo, Sid Phillips and John Strange, joined forces with the Jaguars and with a new name (New Force) and a good set of publicity were offered a record deal. On the eve of recording their first single their guitarist left and was replaced by Brian Trusler from Johnny Slade and the Vikings. Their management decided on a change of name and the band became ‘Force West’. That single ‘I can’t give what I haven’t got’ was released in 1965, the first of seven over the next four years. Radio and Television appearances and National and European tours followed but the ‘big time’ always remained just around the corner. In 1968 the budding pschycadelic movement meant that a change of image was thought necessary and the band adopted the name ‘Oscar Bicycle’ for one single. This, a double A side featuring a ballad titled ‘On a quiet night’ and an excursion into pop-psych titled ‘The room revolves around me’, was produced by ‘Electric Ladyland’ producer, Eddie Kramer and is currently fetching around £70 on the used record market. Incidentally, the track ‘The room revolves around me’ was written by Brian Trusler and is now considered a classic of its genre. more

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Album: VV.AA. - A Trip In A Painted World - Rubble Volume Seventeen (1991)

UK 16-track compilation vinyl LP featuring choice UK freakbeat from the sixties from the original master tapes.


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