Try My Bicycle - Lessons on Love and Junk

Artist: Try My Bicycle

Song: Lessons on Love and Junk

Album: Voicings (2007)

Folk with a solid jazz sensiblity.beautifully organic production with an emphasis on rich vocals/harmonies, musicianship, and recording live heartfelt studio performances.

Try Me Bicycle consists of four major players: Andy Naylor (Voice and Guitars), Jay Novak (Harmonies and Bass), Jacob Koller (Piano), Laraine Kaizer (Violin).

The history of Try Me Bicycle dates back to the fall of 2005, when we first met up to play through some material Andy had been working on. It was nothing serious, but the connection felt great from end to end, so we just kept working on material as Andy made it available. Eventually, we had mustered a live set’s worth of songs and began scheduling shows locally in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Following one of those performances, we came in contact with songwriter/producer Michael Krassner (Patrick Park, Califone, Boxhead Ensemble, Simon Joyner). Michael wanted to record and produce the quartet and, given Michael’s reputation, we were ecstatic with such an offer. In November of 2006 we started recording and have since finished our first record together entitled “Voicings.”




A light post off the desert plain down a road I’ve worn old
Lead me to a junkyard mirage of bicycle bones
There was a man with a heart
For his field of mechanical parts
He said take all the parts you like.
I found a bike with one tire
Found the handle bars, two pedals, and a chain entwined in the brior
With the rusted iron rot
Built this beautiful bike that I bought
Across the valleys, the moon lit the road that I’m ever to ride
Of but a prayer to see me thru
Take the old and make it brand new
And alright
I’ll ride that all night

Offer me something warm. Well I’d rather get high
To wine and dine with cultured crimes and eek my way by.
To be a moron with brains and whatever it takes to get laid
Turns out life just swept a broom over me
Sometimes I maybe right, sometimes I maybe wrong
In the end, love built a life out of me

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