St. Vincent - Bicycle

Artist: St. Vincent

Song: Bicycle

Two years ago, Annie Clark’s recorded debut as St. Vincent, ‘Marry Me’, gave immediate notice that a dizzying new talent had emerged from the flatlands of Texas. Critics from all points of the cultural compass—from Pitchfork to Spin to the New York Times Magazine—were entranced by the album’s precocious arrangements and elegant lyrics, and the steadily growing crowds at St. Vincent’s live shows were astonished by Clark’s gargantuan musical chops and her magnetic stage presence. No small number of St. Vincent fans took the title of ‘Marry Me’ literally, had their hearts duly broken, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. The record was heralded as a remarkably successful entrance and Clark capped a year of international touring by winning the Plug Awards’ Female Artist of the Year. more

Bicycle is the b-side of the single “Actor Out of Work”..


You stole my bicycle so i had to walk 20 city blocks in the rain
You took my tennis shoes so i took the train to avoid the rain
You saw me on the street you offered me a seat then when i blinked you w

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