Memory Tapes - Bicycle

Artist: Memory Tapes

Song: Bicycle

Album: Seek Magic (2009)

Moniker-crazed one-man-band Dayve Hawk splits the difference between his Weird Tapes project (dancey, electro) and his Memory Cassette project (hazy, wistful) with Memory Tapes (dancey, yet wistful!). After the incredible, New Order-style single "Bicycle", we now get news of the debut Memory Tapes LP, dubbed Seek Magic and out in a very limited edition September 29 via Acephale.

To start, the record is primarily being released on vinyl-- first run records will be light blue with some special "white/blue haze" LPs thrown in just in case you didn't get the idea that this shit is fucking hazy. (Pitchfork)

‘Bicycle’, the album’s first single, is a retro-minded collision of propulsive beats, layer upon processed layer of Hawk’s hauntingly soft vocals – like The Knife producing Neil Young – and a closing guitar solo, lifted straight from the grooves of New Order’s Technique, which cranks an already celestial song into some kind of dark-hearted disco supernova. more


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