Blinker The Star - Bicycle Freedom

Artist: Blinker The Star

Song: Bicycle Freedom

Album: A Bourgeois Kitten (2009)

Blinker the Star began as a one-man band in the basement of then-22-year-old Toronto native Jordon Zadorozny following a fire in his parents' music store that resulted in instruments and recording equipment being stored in his cellar. Zadorozny's music is proudly lo-fi, making use of as many low-budget effects and recording techniques as he can improvise. The songs on Blinker the Star's self-titled debut album, which was released in 1995, are the original basement recordings; Zadorozny refused to redo them in a studio for fear of losing interesting mistakes or effects he did not remember how to duplicate. Bourgeois Kitten followed in 1996; August Everywhere, Blinker the Star's Dreamworks label debut, appeared three years later. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

This album is a lot more rock than the newer blinker the star albums. It has hints of nirvana in many of the songs. Kind of a later grunge album I guess. The lyrics are a little wierd (they don't really make alot of sense), but overall I like this cd. The guitar riffs are raw and the songs are catchy.


Got no formal time to breathe
Monster rock is all for me
Perry, blackie, abductee
Make the hell feel neutral freeze
Satellite for me
Be afraid to go inside
He points to his head at me
Tells me i'm the only one
Who has got inside of me
Bicycle, go free

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