Refrigerator - Bicycle

Artist: Refrigerator

Song: Bicycle

Album: How You Continue Dreaming (1995)

Lo-fi noise pop combo Refrigerator was led by brothers Allen and Dennis Callaci, who first began collaborating as teens as members of the hair metal parody band the Bux. Recording their first cassette on December 6, 1985, the Bux proceeded to issue a new tape annually on that same date five years running, with later releases pointing toward the fuzzy, fractured approach of the Callacis' subsequent work. The siblings formed Refrigerator with drummer Joel Connell in 1990, a short time after Dennis founded his pioneering indie label Shrimper; the group's debut cassette, Lonesome Surprize,… Read more

(…) Dennis and Allen are very "real" human beings, and the beauty of these songs flows from their unpretentious souls with obvious ease and lack of self-consciousness. Allen's crooning may be un-schooled, but he very effectively communicates the immediacy of a phone call from your best friend. My personal favorite is "Bicycle". The lyrics go: "Your sister's riding on her bike/Passing all the intersections/And she's got your eyes/And she looks almost like you/And she rides up on her bike". (...) The open-ended familiarity and conversational tone are fantastic. Also check out "Colton" and "Sorry State Line".



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Anonymous said...

I love the song Bicycle. It's been one of my favorites for a long time. That song was included on a compilation for the Superwinners festival in Chico.