Plankeye - Bicycle

Artist: Plankeye

Song: Bicycle

Album: Commonwealth (1996)

PlankEye is a post-grunge CCM alterna-pop band that released their first album, Spill, in 1994. Over the course of the next year, the group toured constantly, opening for the Newsboys. In November 1997, the group released The One & Only. Two years later, Relocation -- their fifth album -- was released. Strange Exchange appeared in spring 2001. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide


I have a wife,

And together we live,

In a very small room.

Yesterday she lost,

Her car broke down,

And now I ride a bicycle.

You say, I told you so,

You were much to young to get married.

But I say, Your way too old,

And when'd you stop living anyway?

As I ride my bike,

With my safety helmet on,

And white tennis shoes,

They stare at me,

But I see through new eyes,

Or maybe you just don't remember

This place that I'm supposed to be,

Is not the chair in front of a dest in front of a mirror.

Can't you see that it's not here or there, or anywhere.

But in speaking distance with God

And where can you go that's too far?

Because I can worship him anywhere.

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