The Jellydots - Bicycle

Artist: The Jellydots

Song: Bicycle

Album: Hey You Kids! (2006)

The Jellydots are a highly skilled band of music teachers. The lyrical themes are silly, fun, and sometimes serious.

“Hey You Kids!” was recorded in June of 2006 with Mark Addison at his Aerie Studio in Austin. Jim Wilson mastered it in his new home, Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO.
“Hey You Kids!” is a compilation of all the hits songs by The Jellydots over the last four years with three new songs (Captain Sleep, Bicycle, and Three is a Magic Number.” Tracks 1-9 are uptempo dance tunes designed to wear your kid out. The album ends on a slow note with four soft and mellow tunes perfect for naptime. “Hey You Kids!” was recorded live with the band, so you’ll feel like you’re right there with them at a show.

Hey You Kids! has just been voted number seven in the
Fids and Kamily Poll top 16 albums of 2006.

"No album this year had a better opening song than Hey You Kids! from the Austin, Texas-based Jellydots. “Bicycle,” evoking the joy of being on a bike, whether you’re a kid or a grownup, is simply an exquisite song from start to finish. And who hasn’t wanted to ride a bicycle on the sea or in the sky?"




The Jellydots perform a special version of their song "Bicycle" live at ImaginOn. This song closed the first show of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County's Tricycle Music Fest.

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