Ghoti Hook - My Bike

Artist: Ghoti Hook
Song: My Bike
Album: Banana Moon (1996)

Formed in the autumn of 1991, the Washington D.C.-based pop-punk outfit Ghoti Hook comprised singer Joel Bell, guitarists/cousinsConrad and Jamie Tolosa, bassist Christian Ergueta and drummerAdam Neubauer. After developing a strong fan following in the northeastern U.S., in 1996 Ghoti Hook issued their debut LP Sumo Surprise; after the release of Banana Man the following year, Conrad -- also the group's primary songwriter -- exited to return to school. A covers project, Songs We Didn't Write, appeared in 1998. Two Years to Never followed two years later.

Banana Man is Ghoti Hook's second CD on Tooth and Nail Records. It continues the band's trademark sound started with Sumo Surprise, combining Christianity with humor and fast melodic punk.

(…) This was a pretty good cd. I have to say though, it wasnt as good as their previous CD, because the lyrics weren't nearly as deep (although they did have a few serious songs on this album, it was more just funny and messing around). This definately was their last REALLY good album though....after Conrad left, they lost alot of their musical talent as he was pretty much their main music writer and lyric writer. Notice they did a cover CD after he left because they weren't all that good of songwriters wihtout him. ANYWAYS, this is a good, happy, fun punk CD, and Ghoti Hook is a great band....even in their later CDs.

There's just one thing that I love more than anything.
I hold it so near to my heart.
It has just one gear and a pair of blue training wheels,
A headlight to see in the dark.
I like my bike.
It's not like other bikes.
It has pinwheels and a purple banana seat,
Loud cards in the spokes as they bend.
It has a big horn that I honk when you're in my way,
So I don't run over my friends.
I like my bike.
It's not like other bikes.
I ride my bike to the girl that I like,
And she looks at me and my bike.
A tear fills her eye as she's filled with great pride,
When I ask her to take a ride.
Me and my girl, we ride all over town on it.
My guide is the street and the sun.
We stop for a shake--I pretend we'll share all of it,
When I hit the eject button.

I like my bike.
It's not like other bikes.

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