Wild Billy Childish - Medway Wheelers

Artist: Wild Billy Childish And The Buff Medways

Song: Medway Wheelers

Album: Medley wheelers (2006)

Wild Billy Childish saga continues apace - his latest musical ship is the mod/rock/pop combo The Buff Medways. Depending on whose point of view you listen to, we will call this the Buff’s fourth offering of hip-dom. It’s all got a little funkier on this new Damaged Goods release, ‘Medway Wheelers’.

Medway Wheelers is the fourth album from Wild Billy Childish & the Friends of the Buff Medways Fanciers Assoc., or The Buff Medways for short. The record includes the singles(I'm a) Lie Detector and Medway Wheelers.


The title track Medway Wheelers may be the standout track for the whole record. It is rare that we get to hear Billy sing instead of shout, and the subject of the song (his Mom and her bicycle club) is dear to him, so the track has a warmth that makes it connect like the best pop-psyche tracks it seems to be modelled on. Despite showing a softer side of Billy, the bridge in the track amps up the sound with an aggressive instrumental burst that supercharges the song.

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