Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) Mountain Bike Interview

Artist: Bob Weir

The Bob Weir Mountain Bike Interview


from Charlie Kelly’s Website &  Fat Tire Flyer Magazine


Me an' Bobby, uh, Weir

I got the call from my deep-cover mole in the Cannondale bicycle factory. "The Grateful Dead just bought ten new mountain bikes. This might be a story; do you think you can check it out?"

Since I live in Marin County, California, which is also where the Dead have their headquarters, it wasn't too difficult to get the unlisted number of the Dead office. When you call this number, a woman picks up the phone and says, "Hello," and after some interrogation, admits that this might be the Dead office, who wants to know? "I just heard that you people bought ten mountain bikes. Is that true?"

"Gee, I don't know anything about that. Let me put you in touch with the publicist."

She gave me the number. "Hi. I'm working on an article for a cycling magazine, and I heard that some of the Dead bought mountain bikes. Can you tell me anything about that?"

"I don't know anything about bikes. Look; I've got a new album coming out, and a video, and I'm working full time on those. I can't help you with bicycles."

Having exhausted the official channels, I went for what the Reagan administration referred to as a "second channel." I called my friend Howard Danchik, who works for UltraSound, the Dead's sound company. "Howard. I just got word that you guys ordered ten mountain bikes. What's the story?"


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