Jack Bruce - Tickets To Waterfalls

Artist: Jack Bruce

Song: Tickets To Waterfalls

Album: Songs For A Tailor  (1969)


A lot of us enjoyed Jack's fine playing and singing with Cream, but for a truer idea of what he was capable of , this album is the place to start . It has the weird lyrics because it's the same lyricist, Pete Brown, but although you may not be singing along, you have to admit it must have been hard to write musical settings that fitted those words. Jack did that very well and got other great players to help him put it across . An interesting and fine record - it will take you somewhere else entirely. For all the full price rubbish we have pushed in our faces , these records are even sweeter to discover and/or rediscover.

…recorded after the demise of Cream this album highlights the phenomenal compositional and vocal skills of the young Jack Bruce. The main players alongside Bruce are guitarist Chris Spedding and drummer Jon Hiseman. The album is full of fairly short succinct songs of great rhythm, unexpected twists and real invention.




I bought you tickets for the waterfalls
and you poured away all the change
Trained your bicycle to dance
told it tales of window boxes and people with locks
While you filed away the time
and lost the place in the river

Couldn't do anything about the days
But I helped with some of the nights
You worked my blisters to the bone
playing songs of tiny men and bridges in wine
While you led the time astray
and lost your head in the rainbow

You never saw anything glittering
but you had to melt it down
I made you rivers all run dry
soaked them up with train timetables and carpets of lies
And I listened to your smile
and found my place in the morning 

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