Cosmo Speedway - Evolution Of The Bicycle

Artist: Cosmo Speedway

Album: Evolution Of The Bicycle (2007)

The American band Cosmo Speedway is a duo of two childhood friends, Shane Reed and Nick Grosvenor.

After a series of failed grade school bands, they set about creating their own musical project. In 2003, while creating what would become the opening tracks of their first album, the two found that they'd each like to produce their own songs with the other acting as a bounce-board, studio musician, and brain-trust.

Two friends. Two bands.

Shane leads Cosmo Speedway. Nick leads Wilderness Survival.

With this unique solution, the pair has continued to make 8 records in their own self-made recording vacuum, unassisted by anyone, but their delusions of grandeur.

They've stumbled upon a pop language inspired by melodies from the past using tools from the future.

One song might have been recorded simply with an acoustic guitar and crickets chirping next to a microphone. The next might have been created in what feels like a computer lab built with all the precision of a swiss army knife. Imagine a studio filled with synths, acoustic guitars, drum sequencers, pianos, horns, cellos, tape recorders, effects pedals, bells, acoustic drums et cetera et cetera. Now add two guys pacing back and forth until someone grabs the next instrument and a microphone.

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