Waylon Jennings - Roberts Bicycle Jingle

Artist: Waylon Jennings

Song: Roberts Bicycle Jingle

Album: The Journey: Destiny's Child [BOX SET] (2002)

If any one performer personified the outlaw country movement of the '70s, it was Waylon Jennings. Though he had been a professional musician since the late '50s, it wasn't until the '70s that Waylon with his imposing baritone and stripped-down, updated honky tonk, became a superstar. Jennings rejected the conventions of Nashville, refusing to record with the industry's legions of studio musicians and insisting that his music never resemble the string-laden, pop-inflected sounds that were coming out of Nashville in the '60s and '70s. Many artists, including Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, followed Waylon's anti-Nashville stance and eventually the whole "outlaw" movement -- so-named because of the artists' ragged, maverick image and their independence from Nashville -- became one of the most significant country forces of the '70s, helping the genre adhere to its hardcore honky tonk roots. Jennings didn't write many songs, but his music -- which combined the grittiest aspects of honky tonk with a rock & roll rhythm and attitude, making the music spare, direct, and edgy -- defined hardcore country, and it influenced countless musicians, including members of the new traditionalist and alternative country subgenres of the '80s. more

THE JOURNEY: DESTINY'S CHILD features songs recorded between 1958 and 1968

Includes a 60-page hardcover book with liner notes by Lenny Kaye.
6-CD box set with hard cover book traces country music legend's early career, starting with his Buddy Holly-produced first single in 1958 all the way to April 1968; his legendary rare album "Waylon At J.D.'s" is here, together with singles & demos from h
The Journey: Destiny's Child is the first of two box sets from Germany's Bear Family Records covering Waylon Jennings' pre-outlaw period. This set collects his complete recordings from his first Buddy Holly-produced single to his April 1968 RCA sessions. His rare, privately released album Waylon at J.D.'s is here, in addition to a number of other complete albums such as Folk-Country, Sings Ol' Harlan, and Love of the Common People. Also included are early demos, radio ads for Coca-Cola and other products, a number of previously unreleased cuts, and his complete A&M recordings from the early '60s. Many of Waylon's individual '60s albums have been reissued domestically, which means that much of the music herein can be had for far less than the high retail price of this box set. For hardcore fans and completists, though, The Journey: Destiny's Child is an all-inclusive survey of Waylon's early years, and the accompanying full-color hardback book is chock full of rare photos and fascinating tidbits. ~ Greg Adams


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