Wilkinson Tri-Cycle - Tri Cycle

Artist: Wilkinson Tri-Cycle

Album: Tri-Cycle (1969)

This obscure power trio is thought to have come from Boston, where they supported the Velvet Underground in 1969, the same year their sole LP appeared. An inspired blend of tough electric blues (Leavin' Trunk , Antique Locomotives), commercial songs with distinctive hooks (What Of I?, Pourscha Poe) and more overtly acid-influenced material (David's Rush, Yellow Wall), it's an overlooked psychedelic gem that deserves far wider recognition.

Their music covered a range of styles - heavy rock, blues and pop-rock with a dash of psychedelia. They had a unique sound. (…) Wilkinson Tri-Cycle remains a mystery. The notes indicate they may have been from the Boston area and played with The Velvet Underground at the Boston Tea Party March 13-15, 1969. That's it.

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