Jack's Mannequin - Sleazy Wednesday

Artist: Jack’s Mannequin

Song: Sleazy Wednesday

Album: The Glass Passenger – extra tracks (2008)

Formerly known as the frontman for Something Corporate, a West Coast punk-pop quintet that garnered a modest following during the early 2000s, Andrew McMahon is also the piano-playing songwriter behind Jack's Mannequin. Utilizing the talents of numerous friends and collaborators (including Mötley Crüe percussionist Tommy Lee), McMahon began work on the collective's debut following Something Corporate's hiatus in 2004. The resulting Everything in Transit, a sunny pop/rock "concept album exploring his alienating return to the hometown he left to pursue his music," was released on Maverick… Read more

Following the critically acclaimed debut album, Everything In Transit, Andrew McMahon returns with his Jack's Mannequin entity for The Glass Passenger. McMahon calls The Glass Passenger 'a record about getting through something that was negative and getting to something that was positive.'

The Glass Passenger delivers, really, an era's worth of music spanning post-cancer Andrew. The four b-sides for this album: Cellular Phone, Doris Day, At Full Speed, and Sleazy Wednesday are all great songs that really could (and probably should) be on the album. Couple that group of songs with the 14 songs spanning almost a full hour on the actual record, and well, you have an era's worth of music after a long, eager wait for The Glass Passenger to arrive.

Welcome to the future
We're all so glad you came
Attacked me in the lame way
In this town you don't get nowhere unless you're on a bicycle
So hip and out of touch
Parked out on a speedway
Just trying not to move; it's only getting harder now
We can engineer a wall that couldn't fall with all this time

My life in Technicolor
Can you check the shutters someone get my mother on the phone
She oughta know what I'm up to
Out here in Hollywood you don't need a sweater 'cause the sun feels better in slow motion
I'll ride the wave back home

Welcome to your next life
We hope you've come prepared
We all wish you the best life
For questions leave a message
We'll call you back, of course we will
So dive in and dye your hair
Yeah, baby, it's the new you
Stitching up your style
But I'm not too concerned with fashion
We could wait for rain to fall but it would only waste our time

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