The Grave Architects - The Bike Song

Artist: The Grave Architects
Song: The Bike Song

THE GRAVE ARCHITECTS- We all fell over in amazement on first hearing this incredible new act- and I was actually already reclined so dunno how that occurred. I think I actually stood up in a falling down way. Any rate , the offbeat humour of a Jonathon Richman, the kookiness of early Pavement, the tunefulness of Loaded era Velvets , yet very English and eccentric ….The ghost of Syd Barret’s also in the house, there's psychedelic passages with kind of posh rapping over the top. Which bizarrely sounds a bit like Caravan in places! So this is really quite interesting, but more importantly great fun! Their opus about bikes [er, 'Bike'] is kind of Queen by The Monks via De La Soul. A single out on Fortuna Pop. Buy/steal/blag- but see them play now!

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