Doomtree Crew Record - Drumsticks

Artist: Doomtree Crew Record

Song: Drumsticks

Album: Doomtree (2008)

Doomtree is a hip hop collective based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Members of Doomtree bring various bases of knowledge and musical backgrounds together to create alternative-influenced rap and hip hop music. Nearly as prominent as the influence of hip hop in their music is that of punk, and their lyrics are frequently introspective and self-degrading. They often do shows with fellow Minnesota hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. Emcees perform solo or with one another, each contributing a different approach to their music. Doomtree's self-released, self-titled debut album as a group was released on July 29, 2008.


We work the mics and rehearse the lines that life furthers
And curse the vines that you might have heard your rumors from
Like it's me verse a vice or vice versa
Then I returned to the life that Christ nurtured
Come come now
You're feet first in ice water
We're feet first in fire
We reversed the modern and earned the checks
From the check one-two's
The three-four-fives
And the right to watch the sun on the eastern seaboard rise
Pack up the bags, eat
Sleep for a second
Then it's back in the van
Listen to beats for the record
Feel like it's all that I ever knew
Convenient procedure
All for the revenue
Leave at my leisure
So coming soon to a college town near you
DTR here we are
Holla atcha rap group
Incorporated so of course it's hated
Write, record, order it, re-order it the more we make it
This is not a promise it's a threat
The cigarette to your balloon
Cue the gossip roll the tape I rock the room
Say it's a nose job
As in she got it cause she knows somebody
I'm paying dues in red blood and borrowed money
Son me if you can
Lemme see your grand plan
A low-budget production bandana glamour on a handcam
Here let me sign your poster strike a poser
Sleeping in my armor while you're sleeping on your holster
It goes get money waste
Rather take money from a thing we need to a thing we see
Jake honey nothing's free
True indeed
Open the seam
Scribble the bleed
Agitate seed to leaves
Conceive Doomtree
Blood brothers
Close shutters
They don't need to see this beast
Prose sputters free
Those other Joes peddle cheap
And shody work'll bruise your body purple
Some folk'll never lose a toe, but then again some folk'll
You say that hell is human
I say you break it you buy it and make the shell-toes move in on self-improvement quicker that you could sell the movement
Make the circuits mash across the circus act
Two-thousand-something moving circa that
Turn off the screwdriver
Ghostwriter for hire
Tie up the wires
I am the fire supplier of inspired rap
Burn the empire back
It's Doomtree live through the wiretapa

Music video for "Drumsticks" from the Doomtree Crew Record, in stores July 29th, 2008. Directed by Brady Kiernan, Director of Photography: Wilson Webb, Additional Camera Operator: Dave Underhill, Assistant Director: Shannon Schaefer

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