Flaming Lips - Watching The Planets

Artist: Flaming Lips

Song: Watching The Planets

Album: Embryonic (2009)

The Flaming Lips came from Oklahoma City, emerging in 1983 with their strange sound almost fully formed. Since then, the Flaming Lips have come under the almost singular leadership of singer Wayne Coyne and done magical things with alternative rock. In the early 1990s they made a commercial splash with "She Don't Use Jelly," showing the world their madcap pretzelling of pop music - a tumultuous…


The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne has bared all on their new promo for 'Watching The Planets'.

The video features Coyne being stripped naked by a gang of nude people in a forest.

Passing through these photos of the Flaming Lips' naked-bicyclist video shoot confirmed that yes, Wayne wasn't playing coy -- he wanted to videotape young things who knew how to ride bikes and also were comfortable being framed in perpetuity as naked sylvan nymphs in a Flaming Lips video. But those pics didn't suggest the biggest revelation, that being the big reveal of Wayne's coyne. Yep he gets naked, just like the rest. "Killing the ego" indeed. (Or, inflating it. Depending on your angle. And his.) If you've seen the Lips during this summer or beyond, when they've been playing new stuff, you likely remember their stage entrance through those psychedelically undulating vaginal lips. Well those make an appearance too, in spirit, and Wayne takes a terrible old Truly Tasteless Joke -- you spend nine months of your life trying to get out, and the rest of your life trying to get back in -- to its illogical extreme.

Directed by Wayne Coyne and George Salisbury

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