Ookla The Mok - Tandem Bike

Artist: Ookla The Mok
Tandem Bike

Album: Super Secret (1998)

Ookla the Mok is the name of a filk band fronted by Rand Bellavia and Adam English. The band is named after a character from the Ruby-Spears Productions cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian, created by Steve Gerber. They utilise an irreverent mix of pop culture and rock music, notably in their album Smell No Evil (2001) - the world's first monkey rock opera. They provided the theme song to Disney's Fillmore!!, and scored the feature film Bite Me, Fanboy! They (or Rand and Adam) have won 3 Pegasus Awards, for excellence in filk music, and their music has twice been included on Dr. Demento compilations Mr. Potato Head, Master of Disguise! Guys fighting crime in their pajamas! Spies and Super Heroes abound on the album that put Ookla the Mok on the map. This album features the song that Disney purchased for use as the themesong to Fillmore!


She came into my room at two o'clock in the afternoon

And she said that she had a desperate need

To talk about our relationship

and wasn't it time that we called it quits

But she cried when I said that I kind of agreed

I didn't know what to say

I began to wish I was dead

Crazy me crazy me

I thought that she meant what she said

She said she wanted to hear me say that I'd always want to be near her

I asked, "Well why isn't that what you said?"

She turned and cried some more and when she left she slammed the door

Then I sighed with relief and sat down on my bed

My jaw nearly hit the floor

I couldn't believe my eyes

Twenty minutes later when I opened the door

And she was standing right outside

I said, "Hey what the hell are you still doing here?"

and she said, "Well

I thought you were gonna come after me"

I rolled my eyes and told her, "You should really be acting older

You're thirty years old and I'm just twenty-three"


Then she rode away

On a bicycle built for two

All alone

To make her leave was beyond my power so we hugged for half an hour

And I know for sure because I checked

My cowboy secret space detective super hero radioactive

Message decoding watch behind her neck

Two hours later she finally left

And this time she was really gone

I sat done immediately

And I began to write this song

I was out on New Year's Eve and as I was getting ready to leave

I saw her approach from across the bar

So I pretended I was plastered, she found out and called me a bastard

But she followed me home anyway in her car

We argued right outside my door

It was unbelievably cold

My toes were getting kind of numb

So I told her that I had to go

Now I live in fear every time I see her coming near

I try to hide but I can't get away

I'm sick of lies and compromises averting eyes and wearing disguises

She stalks me twenty-four hours a day


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