Paolo Conte - Silenziosa Velocità

Artist: Paolo Conte

Song: Silenziosa Velocità

Album: Psiche (2009)

Italian singer-songwriter Paolo Conte is famous for his gravelly voice – often compared to singer-poets such as Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen - his elegant and seductive rhythms, melodies and lyrics that sometimes veer towards hot jazz or bar-room tangos. It is a music of memories - half true, half dreams, poetic fragments of colors, images and fantasies.

Born in Asti, Italy, Paolo Conte’s lifelong passion for jazz and the visual arts began during his schooldays. A former lawyer, his performing career began on a small scale as a vibraphone player in local and touring bands, and his recordingRead more

"A gruff smoker's voice, a piano style that wanders from honky-tonk to tango palace to tony cabaret, and a weathered romantic's world view have made Paolo Conte a well-known songwriter in Italy." - The New York Times

Italian singer-songwriter Paolo Conte's long-awaited new album, Psiche is released in the US on October 1st 2009. His voice remains as hypnotic as ever - its gravelly timbre ofen drawing comparisons with North American singer-poets such as Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. The collection of songs ranges from elegantly seductive ballads to up-tempo tunes - 13 sung in his native Italian , 1 in French and 1 in English - and the album is arguably one of the most important of Paolo Conte's career. Between Love and Psyche, the Maestro chooses Psyche because she is of this earth and has more tales to tell.... Understanding the lyrics is not essential - this is music to dream with, poetic fragments of colors, images and fantasies....

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Una bella bici che va

Silenziosa velocità

Sopra le distanze le lontananze starà

Una bella bici che va

Silenziosa velocità

Rotolava biglie il giro d’Italia farà

Una bici non si ama

Si lubrifica, si modifica

Una bici si declama come una poesia

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