Radiohead - There There

Artist: Radiohead

Song: There There

Album: Hail to The Thief (2003)

I think the video does some justice to the true meaning of the song. everyone should check it out.

beautiful song, i read somewhere that thom cried when he heard the album's final cut of the song.

Directed by Chris Hopewell, the music video shows singer Thom Yorke enter a forest and find many creatures involved in human-like activities, like a pair of cats getting married, two squirrels sitting by a fireplace and smoking pipes, etc. He goes from one scene to another, each one increasing in luminosity. Finally, he arrives at a clearing where a golden jacket hangs from a tree. He puts the jacket on and also a pair of golden shoes hidden inside the tree. Doing so, he awakens the crows, who chase and attack him. The shoes appear to give him extra speed, but become tangled on the ground. When the shoes fall off his feet, his feet become tree roots, as the rest of his body turns into wood as well. Yorke becomes a tree in which the crows rest on the branches. The video was filmed at one-quarter regular speed; it looks jumpy, as if some of the frames are missing. The video received an award for art direction at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

"there there" is a soothing, comforting thing to say, the whole song might have to do with uncomfortablness of life and with oneself. alot of the times people believe things, hear things, interpret things in ways that arent' true, in fear or anticipation. i think this song has something to do with that. "just because you feel it doesn't mean it's there" not everything you believe is true is actually true. not everything you believe is happening around is you is really happening. buyt there's really no one else who can see things for you because everyone sees things in a different light.
If you see the video, thom is walking nervously through a thick forest, encountering tiny mice smoking pipes inside a tree, a frog riding a bicycle, a big family of rabbits eating dinner, and then a cat wedding. Then he stumbles upoin a clearing where there is a glowing blaser and a hidden pair of shoes on a tree. almost tempting. when he tries on the shoes and the blaser (steals them from the forest) he notices a group of black crowes and they chase after him. he is running away, and right when he's about to be pecked to death by the crowes his shoes glow he runs faster and gets away. with a face of delight, you finally see a smile on thom's face. then ironically, when he finally thinks he's away, his shoes fall off and roots grow around his feet,, he is caught by the forest and he grows into a tree. and the crowes land on his branches as you see his shrieking face inside the bark of the tree. the end.
hail to the thief! he steals the blaser, the nice shoes tries to run away and bam right when he thinks he's lost the crowes, the forest catches him.
i dont know where i was going with this it's late
ill finish up tomorow
i need to sleep on it
but basically, due to the video, i dont think it has anything to do with a love story. too many love songs out their anyway.


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