Delirious - Bicycle Gasoline

Artist: Delirious

Song: Bicycle Gasoline

Album: Audio Lessonover (2001)

'Audio Lessonover' is the fourth studio album from christian rockers Delirious. 'Audio Lessonover' sees Delirious utilizing their blend of modern rock and christian values to create another album of classic rock songs.

(…) Among the more obscure songs lyrically is another love song, "Bicycle Gasoline"; Smith has, however, explained it: "girls, they don't want flowers all the time, they just need telling that you love them, and vice-versa. A bicycle doesn't need gasoline and she doesn't need all that stuff really. She doesn't need 'things', jewellery or dresses, she just needs love. You know, love man!"

I'm a stranger with the one I love.
She's so beautiful, she's sent from above.
I'm in love with the beauty of my youth.
When I met you I was half a man,
I couldn't walk but together we ran.
I know we can.

She don't need no bicycle gasoline,
She just needs her violets.
She don't need no bicycle gasoline,
She just needs her violets.

I remember when it wasn't this way.
You were complete when you found me astray.
Thank you, you're here today.
In your arms I'm the king of the road,
In your heart I'm forever at home.
I'm alive when I lose myself in you.

Then you come to me sunlight in your hair.
A moment out of time, world with out a care.
And when it's crowding in, you take me far away.
When you're singing la la la la.

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