Jazz Butcher - Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back

Artist: Jazz Butcher

Song: Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back

Album: Conspiracy (1986)

Rebecca Wants… was the b-sides of Angels, the first single from Conspiracy.

Liner notes from Conspiracy:

He comes down the platform and talks to you. "Ever wondered what Max and I get up to away from the glamour of the modern stage? No, probably not, but let me tell you that there is nothing we like better that to get our teeth into those Big Questions. In celebration of which, we bring you this collection of tunes, recorded secretly in an obscure rural location, and positively busting with the authentic sound of disco dialectic."

He grinds out a cigarette on Platform 2 of Rugby Railway station and shugs: "You'll be all right". Yours ever

Other Jazz Butcher bicycle song: Bicycle Kid

You don't look like a hero
Of the Soviet Union to me
You look more like a fish
Come walking down the street
And you can tell that everybody agrees
You oughtta be on a dish
You've got your mind made up
Like you've got your head in a bush
And to move it around
Just hurts too much

And it's no good saying you're in love With the modern world
When those streets are all filled
With those impossible
Red-haired girls

You don't look like the spokesman
For a generation to me
I've got a postage stamp here
For what you know of Philosophy.
You're like Thomas Hobbes:
Nasty, brutish and short

He's drawing back the curtain
It's a brand new day
There's rubble on the carpet
Cause his friends came to stay
I'm over on the carpet
10 years on other peoples' floors
And you learn a little something
You learn a little something
That you can't ignore

And it's no good telling me
You're still in love
With the modern world
When those streets are all filled
With those impossible red-haired
Impossible red, red, red-haired girls

Whip on, Jim.

You betcha'

Watch that spaceman drive that car
Where he's going ain't too far

And Rebecca wants her bike back

Here it comes

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