Bif Naked - My Bike

Artist: Bif Naked

Song: My Bike

Album: Bif Naked (1995)

Born in New Delhi, India, to a pair of boarding-school teenagers, Bif Naked was adopted by American missionaries and moved to Minneapolis. Several other moves preceded her eventual settling in Winnipeg where she enrolled at the University of Winnipeg as an aspiring drama major. At this time, she also joined Jungle Milk, an eclectic troupe of musicians, and married the act's drummer. The marriage was short-lived, … more

Brash and attitudinal is the vibe on Bif Naked's 1995 self-titled release. The New Jersey native comes across as part goth, part skateboard punk with a sneer in her voice and a chip on her shoulder. It's a mix that suits her well from "Make Like a Tree," with its insistent demand of "leave me alone," to the closing spoken-word observations of "The Gross Gross Man." In between, there are a few surprises, which makes this record a bit more worthwhile than the average angry, young woman fare. "Daddy's Getting Married" is a wry take on a broken home that is less in your face and more effective. The piano-based "Tell On You" seethes with anger, but never surrenders its dignity as she lyrically confronts a rapist. There's also the sensual Generation X love song "Succulent" sung over a funky beat. Lastly, Bif Naked serves up a cool twist on "My Bike," a come-on song sung to her dirt bike.

A quote from sleeve of I Bificus, a later album, identifies the object of her desires, Refusing to ever own her own car (she claims it’s not enviro-friendly), young Bif enjoys her G.T. BMX... Genre is kind of goth, or punk, but still pop. (Bike & Chain)

It’s possible that this rock star and noted fitness enthusiast was using a bike as a metaphor in this track from her self-titled 1995 debut. Something about how she recalls their first meeting when Bif got the bike all sticky with juice and how the bike liked it when she tied it to a tree in the middle of their ride together. Or maybe that’s just me. Andrew Fleming


The last time I fell in love
She had red, red, hair and a ring in her lip
She called me "jellybean" while playing basketball
It was so divine... but never like this!

And you are my entity
You are my dream
Yeah you're my dream¡

Lazy saturday like a kitten
In the sunshine warm as arkansas
I wash your tires with rose water
After the mud bog I bathe you in my love

You are my entity
You are my dream
You are my dream...

Remember the first time i met you
And i spilled apple juice all over you
And you were all wet and sticky
And i took you and i rolled you through the forest
Through the mud and leaves and tied you to a tree
And you liked it
Next time i met you i sat on you and rolled and rolled and rolled
Back to the forest in the mud in the leaves
And i tied you to that same tree
And you liked it in my dream

You are my entity
You are my dream
You are my entity
You are my dream
You're my dream...
(yes, i like my bike that much!)

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