Mal Webb - Bike

Artist: Mal Webb

Song: Bike

Album: Trainer Wheels (2000)

Mal Webb (born 1966 in Melbourne, Australia) is a multi-instrumentalist who is currently a prominent (yet obscure) figure in the Australian music scene. Webb is known for an eclectic range of musical styles and techniques, his vocal talents, which include Pygmy Yodeling, a variety of Overtone singing styles, extensive use of Falsetto and Beatboxing.


This song began as a Conga line theme for "The Adventures of Lano and Woodley" TV show ("The Wall" episode).

Push on a pedal, push on a pedal

Get your (gasp) heart started

Push on a pedal

Push it down and up again

Get on your bike, sit on the seat

Push your feet on the pedals

And ride it all around

Ride it all around

Oh, get that car out of my way

I want to ride my bike today

It keeps me fit and gets me there

And won't go stinking up the air

Leave behind the daily grind

And let your mind unwind

If it's life you tend to like

You'd better get yourself a bike

Oh, oh, get yourself a bike


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