Jewel - Boy Needs a Bike

Artist: Jewel

Song: Boy Needs a Bike

Album: Unplugged

A contemporary folkie renowned for her expressive, crystalline voice, singer/songwriter Jewel was among the most successful female performers to dominate the pop charts throughout the 1990s. Born Jewel Kilcher on May 23, 1974, in Payson, UT, she was raised in remote Homer, AK, and began her music career at the age of six, regularly performing alongside her singer/songwriter parents in local Eskimo villages and tourist attractions. After her parents' divorce, she remained with her father, touring with him for the next seven years. more

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There’s no studio recording of this Grammy winning songwriters song, although she performed it live in Chicago.

music live

Pop works in the shop till late
Mom's on the phone and she's kind of irate
Sally's doing summersaults on the lawn

Pop slams open the front screen door
Just to scare mom she says
"What the hell'd you do that for?"
and washes his dirty hands in the sink

Things around the table are kinda rough
Ma says it's pa, pa says times are just tough
And me and Sally don't say much of nothing at all

And the garage door light brightens up the night
Pa always works on cars when he gets in a fight
As if he could figure out that woman by working on that old car

He said a car can cure any problem at all
Cause seeing all those parts makes a fight look so small
But I wish he'd put me and Sally in the backseat
and drive us away

That's when he sits me down said he's gonna teach me about life
He said a man needs a car and a boy needs a bike
I got my first taste of freedom beneath the light of the moon

But if it were me, I'd have the guts,
I'd put to test those bolts and nuts
And I'd ride away so fast, so far

We put away our tools and go back inside
Mom feels left out and now she's starting to cry
I wonder if all girls are crazy this way

I wish pops would just get a spine
I said "I know it's kinda small but you can borrow mine"
He just smiles and says "Your mom means well, son"

Most times are good; it's just some that are lean
But love makes up for those times in between
He got a tear in his eye as he took mama's hand
Said one day I'd understand

But if it were me, I'd have the guts,
I'd put to test those bolts and nuts
And I'd ride away so fast, so far
Drive away

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