Weezer - Raditude

Artist: Weezer

Album: Raditude

Weezer are a popular Californian college-rock band fronted by geeky singer Rivers Cuomo. Their self-titled debut album (identified by its blue cover) was a big hit in 1994 thanks to the two lead singles and their videos. Both directed by Spike Jonze, the videos for “Undone – The Sweater Song” and “Buddy Holly” won regular airplay on MTV and won awards, boosting the band’s profile substantially.

Raditude's swift appearance on the heels of 2008's The Red Album is hardly the only surprise Weezer has in store on its seventh record. Raditude upends any expectations audiences may have of Weezer, amplifying their trademarks to a dizzying degree - the pop hooks dig deeper, the rock hits so hard it bruises - but the group subverts these signatures with a sly hand while pushing boldly into new territory. (...)

Weezer's new album cover (the back) consists of all the band members on Sunday/Odyssey bicycles. Yes, DJ Greyboy had a part in this situation. Yes, we are all stoked. Peep pic below...

an interview with Pat Wilson riding his bicycle in Santa Monica. (2008)

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