Evie Sands - Any Way That You Want Me

Artist: Evie Sands

Album: Any Way That You Want Me (re-issued 2005)

EVIE SANDS is a multi-faceted artist /musician /performer and, in record collector circles, a bona-fide legend. A favorite singer of DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, Evie recorded the original versions of "Angel Of The Morning," northern soul faves, "I Can't Let Go," "Take Me For A Little While," "Picture Me Gone" and "Billy Sunshine," and also charted with "Any Way That You Want Me," "I Love Makin' Love To You" and "You Brought The Woman Out Of Me," among others. Her most recent, critically-acclaimed CD, "WOMEN IN PRISON," spawned six Top 10 tracks on the UK/Euro indie charts, with three number 1's (including a duet with LUCINDA WILLIAMS). As a writer, Evie's songs have been recorded and performed by many: from BARBRA STREISAND, GLADYS KNIGHT and CHER, to BECK and BETH ORTON.

Whether performing, recording, writing, producing or collaborating with other artists - the results are eclectic -- indie rock, soul, powerpop, blues, alternative, roots music -- and never predictable. One recent collaboration became ongoing, when Evie also joined forces with the similarly unpredictable, ADAM MARSLAND'S CHAOS BAND.

As a guitar player with an unorthodox playing style (lefty, upside-down), Evie often surprises audiences. As JOHNNY CASH once said, "...You'd think she's got electricity in her fingers..." Recent CD reissues (on Rev-Ola) have made some earlier recordings accessible again, with more reissues to follow. A new solo album will be forthcoming, along with a full spate of live shows and touring.

First time on CD for this classic A&M album from 1960. A collection of pop and soul songs, Evie was likened to Dusty Springfield (who described her as her favorite singer). She could have gone onto great things but decided to step down as a performer and write songs for other artists instead. As a result she is a cult figure at best. The stand-out track on the album is 'Any Way That You Want Me' which went on to become a huge hit. Rev-ola. 2005.


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