Major Parkinson - Bicycle!

Artist: Major Parkinson

Song: Bicycle!

Album: Major Parkinson (2008)

Major Parkinson

They tried to put me on the bicycle
They tried to hook me to the wild electric chair
And it was groovy

The papa's writing on a book
He's got a master plan
He stole the phrases from the mad delirium crush, crush
And I was groovy

Sing a song, aha
When you cry
In spite of all the currencies of suffering

Honey, we were nothing but a love affair
Yeah, you were nothing but a love affair to me
You gave me nothing

A woman is a crime
She's the rhythm of a rhyme
An expression of a cold
I can smolder anytime
There's a guide
Sneaking behind her shoulders

She's a girl, aha
And he's a boy
And I know the game they're playing
'Cause they're dumb,
transparent and incapable of stopping me

A bitch-slap on the side
When she was drinking
Too tall out of proportions
She promised to be small
I only wanted a real good time
I only wanted to make her go
Be careful with the gun
Out of my forehead
I think you'd better run

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