Donna Rhodenizer - Singin' The Blues

Artist: Donna Rhodenizer, Andy Duinker
Song: Singin’ The Blues
Album: Blue Skies and Pirates (2001)

Blue Skies and Pirates, 2009 ECMA Nominee for "Children's Recording of the Year", is Donna & Andy's fourth children’s CD. With songs about pirates, changes in the weather and other elements common to rural Nova Scotia it is easy to tell that a Maritime-born Canadian composer has had a hand in the creation of this CD. However, the songs certainly leave any geographical restrictions behind with a variety of styles reflecting the influence of blues, classical, jazz, ragtime, and even a cha cha.
Some of Nova Scotia’s finest musicians have made guest appearances on the CD, creating authentic accompaniment tracks for all the songs. Blue Skies and Pirates has clever lyrics, a variety of musical styles, and musicality that creates a pleasurable listening experience for the whole family.
The 12 songs on this CD are presented in two versions: full performance tracks as well as instrumental accompaniment tracks for those who want to sing with a professional back-up band!
Singin' the Blues: this song is written from a child's perspective. In true "blues" fashion, there is nothing going to keep this kid from complaining.

Please take my bicycle,
my shiny red bicycle.
It's let me down for the very last time.
I have skinned both my knees,
I'm hurtin', so baby, please,
please take my bicycle,
I'm singing the blues.
Please take my chewing gum,
my very best bubble gum.
It's let me down for the very last time.
Bubbles have busted,
they cannot be trusted.
Please take my chewing gum,
I'm singing the blues.
Bicycles and chewing gum,
busted bubble dreams.
Age, it makes no matterwhen blue is how everything seems.
You see I’m not old enough
To own my own pickup truck
Too young to dateand my Momma's not in jail.
I don't mind rainy days,
my dog has not run away,
but all the same I am singing the blues.
But all the same I am singing the blues.
But all the same I am singing the blues.
Oh yeah.

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