Orbit - Bicycle Song

Artist: Orbit

Song: Bicycle song

Album: Libido Speedway (1997)

This is incredible album that has only circled in the lively alternative rock scene. The album is fueled by a driving bass matched in intensity by the drums, guitar, and vocals. Orbit manages to produce a unique sound that is complemented by the albums diversity and track to track quality. An absolute must-have for those who appreciate the higher end of the indie-rock music genre.


Kelsea, won't you come out to play
I got my bicycle today
My father bought it for me
He said it cost him money
He's got a man in China
Who says he gets them cheaply
It's got a magic handle
It's got a chromed up fender
It's got a sprocket card and
It's got some superpowers

What a pretty bicycle she said
I want one just like that

Amiri won't you hear my song
I make it up as I go along
It's about a man in China
Who's got a wife and family
He sells his stuff for money
To feed his starving family
They got them fifteen babies
There's not a girl among them
He's got some super powers (2x)

What a pretty song he said
I want one just like that (2x)

Kelsea won't you come out tonight
Your body's burning just like mine
These are the things I bought you
These are the words I taught you
You've got a phony body
I want to touch so badly
I want to get so dirty
I want to give you money
I want to take your body
Tell me, I'll know

what a pretty song she said
I want one just like that(2x)

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