Black Mountain - Bicycle Man

Artist: Black Mountain

Song: Bicycle Man

Album: Druganaut (2005)

Time to rejoice space travellers, music lovers, drug takers and all freak creatures of the nightime world. The heat is on and the streets are wild. We've had enough of your modern music and fake painted smiles. We're all looking for a little more. Big amps, small amps, it's all the same. Dee-lite said that groove is in the heart. But we believe that rock'n'roll is boiled in the blood and born in the soul. What more do you want? What more do you need? Distractions? Interstellar cellular progress? Better killing machines?

The extended version of Druganaut is much better than the one on the full length and the two new songs are great (one of this, Bicycle Man, is from the split 7" with Destroyer. I reccomend this to anyone who already has the full lenght Black Mountain album.

About Bicycle Man:

…"Bicycle Man" struck me as a partic. jagged boy-girl vocal cut that got my finger hit the repeat button more than a dozen times throughout the end of last summer. Great for (fantasizing about) running down bicycle riders, ha ha. Seriously, a fine little chugging tribute to Blue Cheer.

…Black Mountain fuse together the Kinks and the Stooges in “Bicycle Man,” the catchy-as-hell single that should have been on their debut album for the complete package but instead is in a limited edition, tough-to-find 7” which you really need to track down. Expressive and effortlessly rockin’, this is where Black Mountain hits its stride, loosely and confidently strutting out a creeper singalong, one side of wax that’s as perfect as you could hope. White vinyl. Get a copy before eBay gets yours.



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