Codeine - Jr

Artist: Codeine

Song: Jr

Album: Barely Real (Ep 1992)

The early-'90s New York trio Codeine is one of the founders of the slowcore scene. Taking audible inspiration from the third Velvet Underground album and scene pioneers Galaxie 500, but adding a more aggressive tone and slowing the tempos down even further, Codeine sounded almost entirely unique at the time. However, their style was immediately adopted by a number of other new bands, some of which do the tense and glacial thing even better.

about Barely Real


Threw my bike off the road
And lie in the grass
The hot winds blow
Promises I'll never know

Dumb at twelve
With a delinquent mind
The sky turned yellow-blue
Like a week-old bruise

These days things loom above me
My head is empty
My tongue and lips
Are swollen

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