At Jennie Richie - The Bicycle Considered part 1 & 2

Artist: At Jennie Richie

Song: The Bicycle Considered part 1 & 2

Album: The Bicycle Considered (2004)

North of Seattle band named after a Henry Darger painting & acutely interested in Pataphysics, Dada & Surrealism (this 3 inch is based on a Jarry story for examp.). Gray, pensive washes of fairly lo-fi noise.

Tracklisting: The Bicycle Considered Part One, Quite the Contrary, Blacksmith, Underground Runs Over The Skyscraper, The Bicycle Considered Part Two, Dreams That Money Can Buy.

Clandestine recordings from a dark electronic experimental project from the Pacific Northwest via San Francisco, purportedly inspired by Alfred Jarry’s 19th c. short story “The Crucifixion Considered as an Uphill Bicycle Race.” It produces pounding metal clangs that remind me of a more rhythmic Portland Bike Ensemble at times but it also radiates pulsing wave motions that swing slowly like a pendulum in a dank dark dungeon’s pit of despair. Oozing frequencies spill forth and are siphoned off in time for electromagnetic energy fields to hum about before bouncing radar scan sequences commence. These are uber spooky emanations that seem not of this world. The kind of groaning irregular creature movements that signal we aren’t alone. They also blend in some haunted stealthy audio shrouds that materialize and vanish unexpectedly. Just when no pattern is apparent, a strange and almost decipherable template emerges temporarily before losing cohesion and closing with a fading creepy yodel tune about a lovin’ little rooster that Cock-a-Doodle Doo’s. This is a cold experiment gone wrong in all the right ways? Total Creepsville.

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pilastr said...


It's available at http://resipiscent.com/

They also have a track on a double CD compilation with Sun City Girls.