MC Abdominal - Pedal Pusher

Artist: MC Abdominal

Song: Pedal Pusher

Album: Escape From the Pigeon Hole (2008)

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New album's called "Escape From the Pigeon Hole". First single is "Pedal Pusher" (produced by Young Einstein of Ugly Duckling), with B-side "Radio Friendly" (prod. by Cut Chemist formerly of Jurassic 5). The album's out already in Japan on Handcut records, dropping in UK/Europe sometime in April on Antidote, & is coming out in Canada March 27th on Do Right! music. Still working on the States & Australia...looking good, will keep you posted here.

Aside from Einstein & Cut, there's also production on there from Format & Fase (of course), as well as Circle Research, DJ Serious, Bird, Phat Tony, Jus Cuz, + a special collabo with my boys Notes to Self. Also, all kinds of sick cuts throughout from 2003 world DMC champ, DJ Dopey.

I'm really hyped & excited to finally get this out...been working on it for the better part of 2 years! For everyone inquiring about shows/touring...all that should be getting underway very soon after the album drops. The only thing confirmed thus far is Japan for the first half of April, but I should know about everywhere else soon...again, will keep you posted here.

Finally...website. Just bought a domain name & should have something up soon. You guessed it...I'll keep you posted here. That's it, that's all...thanks everybody for all your support, Abs.

Note on new "PedalWorkout" Remix EP

We had a remix contest for my track “Pedal Pusher” on myspace a while back. The point was to eventually release the winner’s entry. We ended up getting so many good entries however, that we decided we had to include a few of the runners-up as well. So this little remix EP you’re about to (hopefully) download includes said winner (The Plain Ensemble, hailing from Eugene, Oregon), as well as 2 other mixes…1 from The Commonwealth (a production duo out of Toronto & Chicago respectively), & the other from DJ Maniphest (who’s from Milton Keynes, over in the UK). We also included a live version of the tune, recorded with my new band, “The Obliques”. And then, just because we’re good sports, we’ve also tacked on a few other hard to find remixes & tidbits. You’ve got remixes for “Abdominal Workout” from both Natural Self and Jellybass, as well as “Satan Music” (a tune which came out as the bonus cut on a UK only 12”, that had a run of about 80), & “Beatbox Shit” (up for a Grammy this year in the “most creative song title” category…fingers crossed!!), which has never before seen the light of day. So buy the tracks individually, as you see fit, or take the plunge & shell out for the whole shebang (& enjoy a whopping savings of: 0 cents). Regardless, thanks for the support…yours, Abs (aka the guy who’s too broke to hire someone to write these kinds of things for him).

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