Splodgenessabounds- Bicycle Seat

Artist: Splodgenessabounds
Song: Bicycle Seat
Album: Splodgenessabounds (1981)

Formed in 1977 in South East London, signed to Decca Records in 1980 and released first single 2 ints of Lager. After various deaths and jail sentences, settled with current line up in 1992.

Max Splodge Vox & Trombone
Johnny Chunders Guitar
Harry Monk Drums
Mat Sergent Bass

This is a straightforward reissue of the mighty Splodge's debut album, bolstered by sufficient bonus tracks (14) to transform it into a virtual anthology of the band's entire early-'80s catalog, from the U.K. hits "Two Pints of Lager," "Two Little Boys," and "Cowpunk Medlum," through to their contributions to the legendary Strength Thru Oi! compilation album. It's a wild and riotous ride, utterly absurd but absolutely captivating -- "Michael Booth's Talking Bum" remains one of the most memorable farting songs ever unveiled, rivaled only by the wiffy-ridden sentiments of "Blown Away Like a Fart in a Thunderstorm," while such slabs of whimsy as "I Fell in Love With a Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10" and "I've Got Lots of Famous People Living Under the Floor Boards of Humble Abode" are as intriguing as their ridiculously overlong titles. "Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden" immortalizes one of British television's best-loved soap operatics; "Rolf" pays tribute to the Australian wobble-board virtuoso who wrote the preceding "Two Little Boys"...the madness truly does go on forever. Collectors will thrill to discover not only the B-sides to the band's first four singles, but also such treasures as the "Yarmouth 5-0" flexi-disc, and the hitherto 12"-only "Sox" and "The Butterfly Song," while music historians find their attention drawn to "We're Pathetique," Splodge's rallying call for a musical genre which precious few people even remember today. But the Punk Pathetique movement spawned not only Splodge, but also such joys as the Toy Dolls and Peter & the Test Tube Babies, and is still has an impact today. Max Splodge -- architect of the universe? Why not. ~ Dave Thompson, All Music Guide


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