The Jazz Butcher - Sweetwater

Artist: Jazz Butcher

Song: Sweetwater

Album: Waiting For The Love Bus (1993)

Jazz Butcher says (about Waiting…)

Too early for me to say, but there's a clean, simple sound to a lot of this that Condition Blue detractors might appreciate. It's not a deliberate change of musical policy, just a gradual personal evolution thing. I'm ten years older now than when I made Bath Of Bacon, and right now, after all that morbid stuff, it only really feels like about three. There's rockin' shit and there's a big ballad or two and some weird little pop songs and a nice family sing-along about penguins. I hope you like it.

Vielly got her miracle
And Church is looking suave beside his flowers.
And Pete could learn to love it here
The buffet doesn't close for hours.

I rode here in the front seat with the window down.
And I can't hear a single thing that anyone says
'Coz it's all in my face and it's all too beautiful.


Oh sweet water sometimes it feels like ancient Rome
Oh sweet water I can't believe we're home.

Staring at the cats behind the ironwork and looking for a dine
There are problems in this world I know
But right now none of them are mine.

And Hoagy Carmichael never came here, Dave.
Havana cigars on the back seat and I wouldn't have it any other way.


At long last person or persons unknown
We don't have to be alone it doesn't have to be a circus.

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